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ASKO - Dishwasher

Failure Code Condition Check/Repair
F1 Water heating fault, chosen temperature not reached within 60 minutes · Incoming water temperature is cold
· Heating element burned out
· Thermostat not working
F2 High water level · Plugged or bad water pump
· Defective water inlet valve
F3 Thermostat fault · Open thermostat
· Bad wiring to thermostat

Fault with water fill

*only on machines with level-controlled fill

Note: Pump running, lights blinking and controls dead indicates an over fill fault

1. Disconnect the power

2. Remove the lower access panels and check the tray under the dishwasher

3. Remove the water

4. Check if the pump is working.

5. Test the dishwasher

6. Check the drain hose under the sink if there is no leak from the dishwasher

7. The drain hose must run up to the top of the underside of the countertop than down to the drain.

*Faults may vary by model. Apply this as a general guide.


ASKO - Dryer

Failure Code Condition Check/Repair
F1 Overfilled Condensate drain Inspect condensate reservoir pump and drain tube.
F2 Maximum drying time exceeded, about 3 hours. · Inspect for tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse
· Inspect ductwork for lint build-up
· Inspect hi-limit and cycling thermostat
· Inspect heating element
F3 Fault Thermistor · Open thermistor, recommended to replace thermistor
·Thermistor improperly wired
F4 Large amount of lint in the lint filter, front housing, or in the condenser Clean lint from lint filter and condenser
F5 Moisture sensor is in fault · Lint covering sensor in front of housing
· Not working sensor
· Sensor improperly wired


ASKO - Washing Machine

Failure Code Condition Check/Repair
F1 Water supply or low water fill · Inspect water supply · Recommended to replace water inlet valve
F2 Water level is too high · Water pump plugged/Bad
· Faulty water valve
F3 Pump trouble Verify pump trap and clean.
F4 Thermistor trouble · Open thermistor, Recommended to replace thermistor
· Thermistor improperly wired
F5 Fault in thermal cutout or heating pause fault. Chosen temperature not reached in 90 minutes · Inspect heating element
· Inspect thermostat
F6 Motor fault · Inspect wiring to motor
· Recommended to replace motor if necessary
F7 Door lock release fault · Bent pull-rod for door latch
· Door latch solenoid bad
00 00 Machine doesn’t spin Check load for out of balance reallocate load and restart